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One of the first things a blogger, business owner, or just someone looking for a place to chronicle their life’s escapades intermittently needs somewhere to put their content. These days, WordPress powers over 28% of the web. So it stands to reason that using WordPress would be a great start for any of the aforementioned parties. Well, if you’re going to have a WP site, you’re going to need hosting. And in my humble opinion, you’ll want WPEngine WordPress Hosting.


WPEngine WordPress Hosting Plans

WPEngine WordPress Hosting Plans

There are several things to look for when choosing a hosting company. Obviously the first thing most people look at is price. “How little can I spend on hosting?” is a question you probably are asking while beginning the process of creating a website.

As the old adage goes, you get what you pay for. WPEngine has some great plans to choose from. The one thing WPEngine WordPress hosting is not – cheap. There’s a reason for this.

Although, with everything they throw in there, $29/month is pretty great.

If WPE was cheap like some of their competitors, it wouldn’t be as fast, dependable, or easy to setup. Sure, you can find hosting that costs less, but you will manually configure things you shouldn’t be worried about, figure out why you can’t access your site, or trying to get a faster page load.

That’s a great segue into the next topic…


WPEngine WordPress Hosting Speed Tool

WPEngine’s WordPress Speed Tool

Something I get asked all the time, and I mean at least daily, is “how can I make my site faster?” The first and shortest answer is: it starts with hosting. By the way, (shameless plug) if you want to read a post on how to speed up a wordpress site, then check out my post that goes over exactly that.

The second thing I tell people is that they need to pick the best host. WPEngine WordPress Hosting takes performance to the next level. With stats like 15.75% increased page performance, it’s no wonder WPE’s customers fall in love with the speed of their sites.

With Page Performance, WPEngine is the first managed WordPress platform to provide you a web page speed performance tool integrated into the dashboard so you have actionable insights to quickly and dramatically improve the speed of your website.

Want to see how you can increase your site’s performance? Use their speed tool and get detailed results sent to you!

Pull the Trigger

I could go into more detail about how reliable they are, how easy it is to transfer your site to WPEngine with their automated migration plugin, automated daily backups, etc. However, I think what’s more important is that you give their 60 day trial period a go.

It’s simple to sign up and for this week, they’re offering 4 months free!