I learned something today. I learned that I should always try to listen to what the baby (yes, she is technically a toddler now, but I refuse to promote her in my mind) is telling me, because it might just lead to sweet moments with sidewalk chalk. Earlier today the big kids found a lizard and trapped him in a box. They were done showing me their prisoner when KJ refused to go inside.

Not only did she refuse, but when I picked her up, placed her inside and attempted to close the door into the garage, she pushed that sucker wide open with a loud “AHHHH!” So I let her go do whatever it was she wished to do. It is then that I found out exactly what she wanted because she made the target of her adventure plainly known.

She picked up her sidewalk chalk bucket and started off down the driveway. At this point she’s only been walking for a few weeks so there’s still a lot of bobbling about, but that was no deterrent for her. With chalk bucket in hand, she toddled down the drive with purpose.

It was when she reached halfway that her little self sat down and began coloring on the driveway. Not only was she making great use of the sidewalk chalk bucket we got, but she was trying to get her older siblings to join in the fun.

Quick note: the exact sidewalk chalk bucket we have you can get from Amazon. Yes, it is an affiliate link, but the chalk is only $4.61 or some such so we’re not getting rich off it.

It was the moment when her older sister joined her that I was reminded of something internally. That reminder? Never, ever stop listening to what the kids are trying to tell you. Had I just shut the door and made her go inside, I might have lost out on the moments I got watching those two play together on this beautiful Saturday.

Listen to them: sometimes it might just end up a sweet memory full of sidewalk chalk.