Digital Marketer WordPress Site

Something most digital marketers don’t need is a website. However, this special lady is great with finding clients for providers in the healthcare industry – not great at the other part of digital marketing. So that’s where I come in – I provided her with a Digital Marketer WordPress Site.

Corinne Booth and I met through an online course we both took on becoming a six-figure marketing consultant. She focuses entirely on healthcare, whereas my agencies are general and real estate focused. Traffic Light Media does some work for Chiropractors, but they’re pretty much the only healthcare niche we’re really in right now.

Anyways, Corinne came to me with an idea and a dream which I took and focused into a website. For this project, I created the SOW, wireframes, design, child theme, and input the content. The only thing I didn’t do is create the content, she did that herself. Should you want to see my handiwork up close and personal, head to CSBooth Consulting.