Author: Eric Baker

Sinatra Project Management System

So here we are again…another assessment blog post for the Web Development Track. I hope you enjoyed the last one on my WeWorkRemotely Ruby CLI Gem. This time, I’ll be talking about the Sinatra Project Management System I’ve created using Ruby. The Assignment Requirements Build an MVC Sinatra Application. Use ActiveRecord with Sinatra. Use Multiple Models. Use at least one has_many relationship Must have user accounts. The user that created the content should be the only person who can modify that content Models must have validations to ensure that bad data isn’t created Any validation failures must be...

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WeWorkRemotely Ruby CLI Gem

This post regarding the WeWorkRemotely Ruby CLI Gem I created is the first blog post (of many, I’m sure) that has to do with me in the Learn-Verified Web Development Track. While this project took far too long for me to complete, that feeling of having a published gem on is pretty cool.

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