Author: Eric Baker

Root User Vulnerability in macOS High Sierra 10.13.1

About the Vulnerability in macOS A HUGE (read: YUGE) security vulnerability has been found. There’s a root user vulnerability in macOS High Sierra 10.13.1. This vulnerability allows anyone to login as root with an empty password. If you don’t want to read how to fix it, you can watch my video on youtube. The initial user I saw on twitter (@lemiorhan) said ‘after clicking on login button several times,’ but I was able to recreate this issue on the first try. This is an absolutely horrendous security vulnerability that should have been caught by Apple developers & security team....

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Sidewalk Chalk Moments

I learned something today. I learned that I should always try to listen to what the baby (yes, she is technically a toddler now, but I refuse to promote her in my mind) is telling me, because it might just lead to sweet moments with sidewalk chalk. Earlier today the big kids found a lizard and trapped him in a box. They were done showing me their prisoner when KJ refused to go inside. Not only did she refuse, but when I picked her up, placed her inside and attempted to close the door into the garage, she pushed...

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WPEngine WordPress Hosting

Pro Tip: Stay tuned for a coupon for 4 months free of WPEngine WordPress Hosting One of the first things a blogger, business owner, or just someone looking for a place to chronicle their life’s escapades intermittently needs somewhere to put their content. These days, WordPress powers over 28% of the web. So it stands to reason that using WordPress would be a great start for any of the aforementioned parties. Well, if you’re going to have a WP site, you’re going to need hosting. And in my humble opinion, you’ll want WPEngine WordPress Hosting. Pricing There are...

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Highlight an Active Isotope Filter

Highlight an Active Isotope Filter: The Problem My youngest sister graduated from Georgia Tech (Go Jackets!) and was creating her portfolio site so she can continue applying for post-bachelor’s degree jobs. While helping her with this (as any good, web-developer brother would do) we ran across the perfect use for isotope filtering on her projects. Then today, while working on a site, I came across another use for it. In both cases, it just made good user experience sense to highlight an active isotope filter. So, when I realized on my sister’s site that I had no idea how to...

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Creating and Deleting IPTables Rules

Part of administrating a server is dealing with all the illicit attacks against said server. While looking at the listing of log files for one of my servers I realized the /var/log/secure log had over 200,000 entries for a single IP Address that had tried to gain entry to my server without being friendly to me. At that moment, I realized I had forgotten a pretty important sysadmin skill: creating and deleting iptables rules for security. So, as I often do, since I had to take the time to look it up in the iptables man page, I thought...

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