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Real Estate Marketing Website

Real Estate Marketing Website & Branding Finding niches within my chosen profession of digital marketing has proven to be one of the most rewarding internal business processes. I’ve found the one of the most-profitable is real estate marketing and created The Realtor Marketing Center (which means I created this real estate marketing website). We allow realtors to do great things and it fits that our website would convey that. While still in its infancy, the Realtor Marketing Center is showing great potential to become a powerhouse in the realm of real estate digital marketing. Along with the website, I’ve...

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Digital Marketer WordPress Site

Digital Marketer WordPress Site Something most digital marketers don’t need is a website. However, this special lady is great with finding clients for providers in the healthcare industry – not great at the other part of digital marketing. So that’s where I come in – I provided her with a Digital Marketer WordPress Site. Corinne Booth and I met through an online course we both took on becoming a six-figure marketing consultant. She focuses entirely on healthcare, whereas my agencies are general and real estate focused. Traffic Light Media does some work for Chiropractors, but they’re pretty much the...

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Real Estate WordPress Website

Real Estate WordPress Website I was the main designer, developer, and project manager for this Real Estate WordPress Website. I created a child theme to the Divi theme, integrated the Showcase IDX, and built out forms using Contact Form 7. Not only that, but the client requested total integration with Liondesk, which they use as their customer relationship manager (CRM). This project timeline ran approximately 4 weeks with a total time spent of about 80 hours on it. There are still some minor fixes to things that happen as we find them. For the most part, however, this is...

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