Author: Eric Baker

Sidewalk Chalk Moments

I learned something today. I learned that I should always try to listen to what the baby (yes, she is technically a toddler now, but I refuse to promote her in my mind) is telling me, because it might just lead to sweet moments with sidewalk chalk. Earlier today the big kids found a lizard and trapped him in a box. They were done showing me their prisoner when KJ refused to go inside. Not only did she refuse, but when I picked her up, placed her inside and attempted to close the door into the garage, she pushed...

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WPEngine WordPress Hosting

Pro Tip: Stay tuned for a coupon for 4 months free of WPEngine WordPress Hosting One of the first things a blogger, business owner, or just someone looking for a place to chronicle their life’s escapades intermittently needs somewhere to put their content. These days, WordPress powers over 28% of the web. So it stands to reason that using WordPress would be a great start for any of the aforementioned parties. Well, if you’re going to have a WP site, you’re going to need hosting. And in my humble opinion, you’ll want WPEngine WordPress Hosting. Pricing There are...

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Highlight an Active Isotope Filter

Highlight an Active Isotope Filter: The Problem My youngest sister graduated from Georgia Tech (Go Jackets!) and was creating her portfolio site so she can continue applying for post-bachelor’s degree jobs. While helping her with this (as any good, web-developer brother would do) we ran across the perfect use for isotope filtering on her projects. Then today, while working on a site, I came across another use for it. In both cases, it just made good user experience sense to highlight an active isotope filter. So, when I realized on my sister’s site that I had no idea how to...

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Creating and Deleting IPTables Rules

Part of administrating a server is dealing with all the illicit attacks against said server. While looking at the listing of log files for one of my servers I realized the /var/log/secure log had over 200,000 entries for a single IP Address that had tried to gain entry to my server without being friendly to me. At that moment, I realized I had forgotten a pretty important sysadmin skill: creating and deleting iptables rules for security. So, as I often do, since I had to take the time to look it up in the iptables man page, I thought...

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    3 weeks ago by e_baker Someone is wide awake.
  • A mothers body is an amazing thing The way ithellip
    1 day ago by e_baker A mother's body is an amazing thing. The way it houses, aids, and sustains a life inside itself. Not only that - once it goes through the miracle of birthing that child, it is capable of solely continuing to sustain that life for months just astounds me.
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    4 weeks ago by e_baker Even in the pouring rain this girl will  #justdoit   @nike .  #rainyday   #hoodie   #sports   #kids   #playingintherain   #football   #littlesister 
  • This is cinnamon that was excitedly shaken onto the floorhellip
    3 months ago by e_baker This is cinnamon that was excitedly shaken onto the floor. If you look carefully, you can even see the finger trails and footprint.
  • Someone is enjoying an after dinner tea in her sistershellip
    3 weeks ago by e_baker Someone is enjoying an after dinner tea in her sister's seat.